By: Harbaksh Sehkon – College Pro Entrepreneur, Calgary AB

You might ask “Why is College Pro worth the hard work?” I’ll tell you my reasoning behind it, beware it is not necessarily the same reason that many young entrepreneurs across North America choose, but some might agree with it. I want to be Why is College Pro Worth the Hard Workindependent.

Independence is not given, it is earned. It involves a lot of self-sacrifice and determination to gain; however, by independence, I seek financial independence. So that I may forge my own path in the coming years, without having to rely upon the aid of various benefactors I have had through my life. I feel it is now time to strike out on my own into this brave new world.

However,for me to achieve this goal, I need to put in a lot of hard work over the next four months.  This week I start my HIC [hand in the can] training with Dan (my coach), Reilly & Brendan (fellow 1st year entrepreneurs). Training starts on Tuesday, so that leaves me Monday to get all the supplies I need to get started on production in my business over the coming weeks. This means a lot of shopping, something I am not a big fan of.  But I guess I’ll try to be a smart shopper by comparing prices online.

Anyhow, will update you about what’s the latest in my jam-packed world while seeking to achieve my goal this summer.

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