By: Jeremy Welik

Why choose College Pro. The Basic Life Skills – Finance

School is not the real world.  It is most certainly a crucial component to one’s growth from adolescence to adulthood; however, theory can only take you so far. What we learn in school can often be associated with real life, but, unless you experience it first hand, the understanding won’t be complete. College Pro Painters allows you the opportunity to get a first hand outlook on the world. From dealing with customers, to organizing your schedule, to hiring employees, College Pro Painters gives you a chance to learn and do. Furthermore, through your experience you will learn basic life skills that are for some reason not covered in school.  Things like, personal accounting and finance, or priority management.  These are key components of the College Pro process and will continue to be important in whatever you decide to pursue moving forward.

Throughout the summer you will need to manage your cash flow and balance the money coming in and going out. The idea seems simple in theory but when you have multiple jobs going on at the same time, and bills to pay, it can get a little messy. Staying organized is vital to your success as a College Pro Franchisee. Scheduling your payroll and managing you account at the paint store should be a priority. You will also be collecting taxes from your clients, and it’s important you keep that in order because that money belongs to the government and not you. This is a basic overview, and, at the end of the summer, you will need to file income taxes, which is something you will continue to do your entire life.

College Pro is there to support you through your entire experience, and that starts with helping you get started financially. College Pro Painters will help you to create a budget, and understand how to manage all the finances… With College Pro’s help you are able to learn how to deal with your overhead in a controlled environment.

There is no other experience like College Pro Painters in the world!


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